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Creating a strong Intellectual and entrepreneurial platform that could have transformative impact on wellness of individual at regional, national and global level through preservation, promotion, propagation of “Sanathana Dharma” (Natural, Ancient & Eternal Order) Enshrined in the “Vedic Literature”.



Create a technology –based innovative global platform for Vedic education and research and provide equal opportunities for all;

Develop global community of Vedic scholars and philosophers through talent recognition and reward management schemes.

Vedic Wellness University

VEDIC Wellness University is an Institution of Wellness in Florida,USA bringing together elements of Wellness from various parts of the world. Wellness is a very broad aspect, which includes Food, Lifestyle, Culture and Emotions. We provide Integrated Wellness and Vedic education with a Holistic approach.

University offers Higher Education programs from Diploma, Masters, Doctorate in all areas of Yoga and Wellness, Arts and Culture and Vedic Science. The educational programs of University are offered internationally and locally. The localized programs are offered through the affiliates and forums of the University. The international programs are offered through the channels of education-online technology and Distance Education with Personal contact Programs(PCP), Study with a Scholar on Travel, Resident studies and in-person teachings from professionals and practitioners in the chosen disciplines.

By merging technology with an ethereal proclivity, our functional experts render courses in Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Classical Music and Dance, Visual arts, Vedas, Vastu Shastra, Vedic Astrology and Vedic Maths in an environment that induces freedom and finesse. Our enrichment and empowerment programs also help foster a greater understanding of the ancient scriptures through our Sanskrit and Regional Language sessions. Come experience rewarding ways of unraveling your inner strengths and using Vedic Art as a navigation map to self-discovery.

Vedic Wellness University has its Academic roots from Ancient wisdom from all Cultures and Traditions and Registered under Florida Education Department in USA.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy and Community Outreach programs

• We Partner with conventional medical establishments to deliver complementary and Integrated educational services
• We Partner with the medical industry to encourage and conduct evidence-based research
• We Partner with the medical tourism industry to create complementary services for medical tourists in the pre-op, post-op, and recovery phases and provide opportunity to Wellness centres
• We Tap into Workplace Wellness Opportunities and Resources
• Deliver executive health services and manage general wellness of employees
• We facilitate and publicize evidence-based/scientific research on wellness by encouraging more clinical studies by
reaching out to the medical and research community


International Affiliations And Collaborations

We work in collaboration with several institutions, across different countries and offer extensive subjects.
We promote Cultural exchange programs with other Institutions across different countries.
We revive Ancient wisdom across different cultures around the globe, and collaborate with various Institutions.








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